Hello and welcome, fancy bakers!

This blog is born to be a place of inspiration and challenges. Inspiration because I hope I can inspire you to try some of my recipes at home. A challenge because some times I give myself too many problems trying to replicate desserts that are far too complicated. In any case, I am up for a challenge, and if you are too, well this is your place.

Besides a shop for cake toppers, flowers and other sugar decorations, in Fancy Baking at Home you will also find three types of posts.

The first class will be a series of posts with the basics of dessert cooking. From differences in the three types of classic meringes to how to decide the type of recipe for your multiple layered cake.

The second class will be what I decided to call “Bake That ‘Gram”. In this section I will be atempting to replicate some pieces published by one of the many pastry bakers I follow on Instagram. The success of these attempts will be judged by you since I will be posting these in my own Instagram. And hey, if you see some nice desserts and want me to try make them, make sure to tag me in their picture. Also, if you decide to follow my recipes and replicate their desserts again make sure to use #fancybakingathome and let me know!

Finally, the third and last section will be about my own recipes. From the most delicious cookies to the next twist of a lemon pie. This section will include recipes that I have developed in the past years and some that I am currently working on. I hope you enjoy them, and again, if you try them make sure to tag me! (#FancyBakingAtHome).

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